Golfing in Iceland?

How does golfing during midnight in bright sunshine, surrounded by black fields of lava and majestic mountains sound? This is a dream you can make true in Iceland. Understandably, golfing is not one of the first activities that spring to mind when people think of this island far in the North Atlantic ocean. It is usually something more in the lines of ice climbing, glacier hiking, whale watching or northern light viewing. Even though it might be a little hard to believe at first, there are around 65 golf courses in Iceland and the sport is quite popular. Golfing is actually a great way to experience the landscape and due to Iceland’s northern location there are almost 24 hours of sunlight during June and July making midnight golfing a possibility.

Here you have our top three suggestions for golf courses worth checking out – combining the best of the Icelandic nature and high quality golfing experience.

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Brautarholt Golf Course

Brautarholt Golf Course is located only a 30 minutes away from Reykjavík. It has spectacular view over Reykjavík, the Atlantic Ocean and the mountain Esja. Brautarholt made it into Golf Digest´s top 100 list of best golf courses in Scandinavia and was actually the only nine hole golf course on that list. More here.


Vestman Island Golf Course

Vestmannaeyjar Golf course is located on an island south of Iceland. It has a reputation for having one of the best greens in Iceland. Because of the landscape it offers many great challenges for example teeing off against a backdrop of volcanic walls. It is extremely difficult because of changing wind directions and unpredictable weather. The course plays well with its surroundings and lets you play across and over the sea. More here.


Kiðjaberg Golf Course

Kiðjaberg golf course is located in the southern part of Iceland. In English the course is called White River Golf Course. It is located between the river Hvítá  and the lake Hestavatn. It is known for its exceptionally beautiful surroundings. More here.



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